Attending parties, large and small gatherings, I'm sure the dress code is a headache for many girls!

So, how can you dress to impress?

Nowadays, the hand a camera, the scene of the party, accidentally you will become others in the supporting role in the photo. So, do not neglect the party dress, to participate in the party is the need for a sense of ceremony, so we must have the sense to wear a dress to attend.

The appearance of the dress is from the western social beginning. In some important occasions, those who attend need to dress formally and solemnly.

People who have watched American dramas know that the parties in American dramas are very ceremonial, generally men in formal wear, women in dresses, and little boys will make a bow tie, and little girls will wear princess dresses.

And our daily banquet is not so elaborate, generally to wear a dress are some birthday party or wedding, annual meeting and appreciation party and other occasions.

So, get yourself an evening gown and a small dress, you can easily and comfortably exude their own charm in these occasions!

Evening dresses are generally worn on more formal occasions, the length of the skirt to the back of the foot, fabric selection and drape; French dresses will be through the strapless, bare chest, back to reflect the flavor of women, and Chinese style to cheongsam or improved cheongsam models to reflect the nobility and elegance of women.

Small dresses are generally worn by young girls, it is not as formal and grand as evening dresses, so the general birthday party or wedding banquet, choose a small dress will look lively.

So, how do we choose the right dress for ourselves?

First of all: choose according to the type of party:

To participate in the celebration and appreciation dinner, you can choose a brightly colored dress to wear, if it is to participate in some quiet and low-key banquet, we should wear some plain colors, that is, the more senior you participate in the occasion, the color of the dress more need to plain a little;

Second: you can choose according to your temperament type:

Everyone has their own unique temperament, such as cool, lively, domineering and so on. Then, we can choose a dress according to their temperament type, and to follow the strengths and avoid the weaknesses of the matching skills to choose Oh!

Swan, phoenix temperament girls: choose the dresses that wrap the body;

girls with slight fat: choose a dress with a shoulder showing the collarbone;

girls with flesh on the stomach: high waistline waist-skimming hemline dresses;

fat girls: gowns with buddy shows plus V-necks

flat-chested girls: dresses with designs on the chest and asymmetrical

If you really do not know which one to choose, then, choose the classic little black dress, it is suitable for all figures Oh!

Finally, a word about dress matching:

Choose the right shoes to match the dress is very important, if the dress is long and the back of the foot, you can wear shoes with a high waterproof platform, so it will look taller and thinner.

bags must take small chain bags or clutches;

The natural and fresh makeup is good, avoid heavy makeup, daily basic makeup is good.

Of course, the party or to pay attention to grooming and talk, I hope that each of us can be dressed appropriately and colorful in the party, to please others, but also to please themselves!

March 30, 2023 — aimei zeng

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