We thought it’s about time we officially introduced ourselves and let you all know a little scoop into who we are, what we’ve been up to and how we function day-to-day. If you’re interested in how we started , keep reading below...
Oh cici have been opening online by our designer Cecilia Wei a Chinese girls, embarked on her dream-making journey in 2017. Officially launching after two years, the brand was founded in the US .
From the start, cici(Designer:Cecilia) is inspired by the traditional elements of the old East, with retro court motifs and satin designs.The product was loved by many young ladies when it was launched, Later, the designer combined the European palace style corset with traditional Oriental elements, and combined with modern women's preference for simple and lightweight clothes.The colors of Ohcici products are brighter, and the clothing design is more fashionable and bold with the hope of " showing women's adventure and fashion spirit".
When CICi started the brand, we wanted girls to enjoy fashion and light luxury within an affordable price range, so we are targeting affordable luxury products.
As a OCC ladies, she regards femininity as an attitude, with a charming and rebellious style. Each piece has an attitude, that is, to understand the world you live in and have your own voice and opinions.
A woman's life, only beauty can not compromise. Only oneself can not be disappointed.



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